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We have all seen these free surveys that you can make money with, however do they work? We say for the overall goal of both parties they work similarly.

Market Research

Market Research s the process of systematically gathering, recording and analyzing data and information about a multitude of subjects. These subjects range from customers, competitors, or the entire market in general. Every business does a certain degree of market research however the extent of that research is minor as a lot of work is required on both ends. However does market research with intensive work?

Our Speculation

We believe the research found is usable in that the speed they receive their information is timely. Market research had classically been long, expensive processes of sociology to study human behaviors for that market. This new way saves a ton of money as the surveys don’t have to be manned all day, the systems run on their own and the statistics can be calculated real time. However how accurate is that data?

The data is incentive based with “Money for filling out our Free Survey.” So people are going to rush through the surveys to get free money, we all here have done that to see what the real scam is. Usually these surveys are not scams, often times you do get money, very very little money. You gain points, say 20 points a survey, and after 5000 points, you get a 25 dollar check. Awesome! So after 250 surveys I can get my first check. Well this is not great incentive, but the sign up surveys are almost worth the research. Again though, do people fill them out accurately? Probably not 100 percent accurate. Though many people will fill out the survey accurate or half accurate in hopes of gaining more money. Often times however, the market researchers will set up questions in multiple ways and if your answers contradict themselves too much, your entire survey will get thrown out.


So in reality, the high traffic of web surfers out there, and the need for information and market research, the cash back surveys are quite useful. Many companies still make phone calls all day to gather research and conclude data that way, which is a waste of money and time, at least this way is convenient and for the most part free. Try one yourself and see if you answer truthfully, or if you are thinking, money money money the entire time.

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