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Web Development these days is a second hand business to a first hand niche. Many web development companies own a separate business that they rely on, like computer repair for example. Therefore that business owner knows more about computer repair than web development. Here at Camid Studios, this is our business. The owners, managers, operators and employees all know this business and excel in their fields. No longer do you have to have a consult with just an owner or manager who knows little about the actual development of your system. You no longer have to be charged extra hundreds of dollars because the owner has to make a profit off his employees. You get charged a fair amount because the creators are the owners.

You can stop paying your finders fee to the over compensated owners of web development businesses.

Don’t recreate the wheel

We all have had hands on experience in creating a Content Management System (CMS) for customers. We want to make it as easy as possible for you, the customer, to edit your site when you need to. However, there is no reason to have your own custom Content Management System made from scratch. I can promise you all we could start from the ground up, however then we would have to charge you all that extra money for the time we put into that system. Then updating it every time there is a problem. Spending hours of time training new employees our own proprietary system. There are so many down falls to creating something that already exists.

WordPress is known very widely as a blogging system. However the new term people are using for WordPress is a Content Management System. That is exactly what it is. Customers can update content in a way they feel comfortable with, as well as have all the extra features of a blog, file uploader, basic design changes etc. Cords-Mess-Cartoon-Web-DevelopmentThere are also hundreds of thousands of people testing WordPress every day. If there exists a problem, I bet I can find the solution within an hour of searching the internet. There is no reason why WordPress can not be the CMS of any web site development business, and actually it’s hard to find reasons not to.

You are on a site that uses WordPress among other software. The limitations of this system, is the limitations of the programmers. Though there may be some work arounds that take some time, the upshot of all the other features of WordPress are overwhelming.

This is a system we offer. You are not getting a blog, and your not getting WordPress. You are getting a system that will utilize hundreds of past and current programmers, that will be updated to your needs, with all the features you want. We have shopping carts, slide shows, virtual tours, mailing lists and so much more, many of which are adapted from other programs that have been picked over by thousands of people to help guarantee reliability.

Now there are some systems that we have incorporated that are built from the ground up, and if you want something new, innovative and never been seen before, we can most definitely do it. However we are going to find the best way possible to ensure the fastest and reliable software for our customers, and ourselves.

After all is said and done, and you want something proprietary still, well then be prepared. You will most likely be charged a very large number at any business as the hours are hard to estimate, and the debugging time will take three times as long.

Web Design

The design is one of our favorite innovation: We will dig the information out of you! This is your website, and half the ideas you have are related to your website design. Many companies will listen to basic design ideas however are not going to push hard to get what you want out of your head. We want to know everything. 95% of the time the design will be changed, 70% of that will change that design to a completely different web design. We are not afraid of changing to your needs, but if we find your needs first, time and money is saved. We sit down and go through some of the sites you like, draw some shapes, really pick your mind on what kind of design development your looking for. We will get some colors out of you at the very least because we want you involved as much as possible up front, so the process will be smooth down the road.

We will still come to the occasional, design everything, I trust you, customer. For the most part, they chime in quickly after seeing the first few drafts, all customers do. If that is what it comes down to, we will go old fashion and create a few drafts for you. However do be warned, you are going to get 20 questions for your web design, or at least layout, before it comes to that point!

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