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Search Engine Marketing is a huge aspect of web development. Some can argue that it is the most important part of web development when it comes to business sites. This argument is valid off the idea that if people can not find your site, what is the point of having a site at all? Search Engine Marketing however is not something external to your website. This is not a bag of tricks that certain web masters contain, it is experience and efficiency at its finest. Experience will usually lead to efficiency, however seo bookmarklets will help you become efficient when researching SEM for your own site.

What are SEO Bookmarklets

SEO Bookmarklets are bookmarks used to quickly query the current site you are viewing among popular tools to learn as much as you can about that current site. For example, you can have a bookmarklet that will open a new page with the keyword density of the current page you are viewing. This is not something the bookmarklet it self calculates, however it will open a page and propagate the information of the current page for you, and submit that entry automatically. Usually you would have to open to that keyword density calculation page, copy the URL, paste it in there and submit it yourself. At first glance this may not seem that useful, but when you start researching SEM and SEO tools you will find their are a lot of tools. You will have to bookmark those tools to remind yourself of them all. Let alone the time wasted copying the url, and remembering the right key words to use. An example would be yahoo backlink checker, in the search you type- linkdomain:www.web-development-nebraska.com This will give a list of links yahoo has tracked that lead back to this page. Well there is a different keyword you use for google and live search.

SEO Bookmarklets will let you stay on the current page, click the bookmarklet you want to use, and now all the information you want is in front of you. Heck you can open 5-10 tabs really fast and get a ton of information in seconds as opposed to taking a half hour to open all these sites individually and then mis-type one word to have to repeat that page.

Bookmarklets to Use

We have many SEO Bookmarklets we use, and slowly write more and more of them for our own benefit. However we started with an assortment of bookmarklets from a source that keeps growing and growing. Check out Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Bookmarklets (http://www.seobookmarklets.com) for very useful bookmarklets. These SEM tools are used everyday by so called SEO experts, the trick is learning how to use the information. At least now you have the tools you need to succeed, and to succeed quickly. Don’t waste time if you don’t have to!

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