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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - for dummies

Search Engine Optimization is a phrase web developers use to describe the process in which one tries to optimize a web page so that many search engines will index said page, and more importantly, will index them high on searches for certain keywords. This is not another overused top 10 SEO tips, this is simply search engine optimization for beginners.

Do note that we mention web ‘page’ as for many purposes SEO is optimizing what are called ‘landing pages.’ These pages are specifically designed content, keywords, and look to do a few things. Your landing pages need to have the key words your site is trying to target, so that search engines will see these words as relevant for those searches. You also need pertinent content on that page to those keywords so in reality it will be a useful page of content. However this has a SEO reason as well. If you are selling chocolate bunnies and you write a landing page discussing the different kinds of chocolate bunnies you have, you are covering two things.

1: You are covering your keywords: Chocolate Bunnies.

2: You are covering the more specific searches that will accompany those keywords.

With the correct and abundance of useful content you can cover a spectrum ranging from small bunnies of chocolate, to milk chocolate bunnies, to blue bunnies made of white chocolate. If you have this content, and actually sell these products, you are covering the specific searches, and in all reality, the specific searches is what you are targeting. As great as it would be to rank top 10 in ‘Chocolate Bunnies’ the reality of it is almost out of reach, however to reach top 10 for all searches, blue chocolate bunnies, white chocolate bunnies, smiling chocolate bunnies, is very plausible.

There are many many tools to SEO keyword and content targeting, however for the basis of this page, we will not get into those details. For your site, even if your not the web-developer, right some quality content on what you sell, or what you offer, this will be one of the main keys to Search Engine Optimization of your landing pages!

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