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The Hype

We have read many articles on search engine optimization and a recent simple idea has opened quite the large door. There are tons of SEO opinions of how to rank high and fast on google, however most either don’t work, or work with time. This option may be one of the only options that inherently work, while supplies last.

We all know picking the domain name is crucial in both business representation and also in search engine optimization. From all the articles you read you want to find a common ground, maybe leaning toward SEO’s preference. This article and common sense says, jump ship to SEO land and work around for business perception.

Disregard your business Name

A domain name will give you free keywords in every link to your site. Most times, if done half right, you should be able to to rank top 10 top 20 with the domain key words alone. However your-key-words for domainusually you have your business name incorporated in it. Simply put, DON’T! If people google your business name, chances are your one of few with that name, and hopefully only one in your line of work and they will be able to find you simply off content. Make your active domain exactly what you want your keywords, try to make it three keywords if possible.

Most of the popular domains are taken you say…

The Trick

Hyphenate Your Domains!

The Example

In the example of a car insurance company: Car Insurance was searched an average 90 million times a month according to google’s estimations. Auto Insurance was searched 25 million times, Cheap Car Insurance was not a close third, less than 2 million search average, however still a large number. Domains with these titles are mostly taken, but take your three keywords, and hyphenate them.
We took about 5 min to find with only the three and this example, domains are exhausted. However add the fourth keyword. With a little effort of swapping words around we came up with:
car-auto-insurance-quote.com Search engines see hyphens as spaces so your site is: Car Auto Insurance Quote.com Your best keywords are now on every link, and you no longer have to spam those keywords quite as much.

Now this will help with these keywords tremendously, and after being indexed as not a fake site, the site will pop into the top 20 easily. You will still have to fight the good old American SEO fight to get to the top 10 with such a high search demand however your foot is in the door without taking more than 10 minutes.

The Business Name

What about your business name and the practical use of such a domain. Simple, buy an alternate domain that you want. You know you really wanted InsuranceByBill.com so take it. All you have to do is 301 redirect this domain back to your main domain. This way you can write on your business cards, letterheads, and tell people, check out insurancebybill.com. However the traffic, sites linking to your site, search engines, will all find car-auto-insurance-quote.com and help you search engine rankings.


SEO is for the most part experimental conclusions and speculations. This novel idea seems to just make sense. It was never popular as these domains are hard to remember, but with easy redirects and domains being bought up by the hundreds, we have to use what works.

Another plus of this style of domain optimization is that you no longer have to worry about backlink text. A backlink is a link to your site, from another site, preferably one with a higher page rank than your own. The text that is actually linked to your site counts as a keyword for your site. Many SEO articles discuss to actively try to get web sites to use your targeted keywords in the text of the link, however most simply link to your site with the domain name. Guess what, your domain names are your keywords. This will eliminate time worrying to optimize back links they are already optimized.

We are implementing this experiment and we will let you know how well it works. Worst case scenario, it fails, and your just as well of with insurrancebybill which is where you have been living in the last 5 years.

Hopefully though the mere fact your reading this is in a small part, a success story.

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