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Mispelled Content Drives Traffic

We are sure everyone at one time has misspelled, or mistyped if you prefer, while searching for a product or information. Those who are use to searching the web knows many top hitters like Google and yahoo will have a spell check and correction suggestion on unrecognized words. However we still find the top four or five sites still very useful and pertinent. The interesting fact to note is often times, these sites that rank 1-4 for misspelled keywords are not in the top 5 of the keywords spelled correctly, some not even on the first two pages.

We have set up experiments to see how much traffic a misspelled domain could get, and you will be surprised at the frequency of landing pages being from misspelled keywords. This phenomena is a mixture between regular internet users being too lazy to correct the error, a title catching the eye before the error can be corrected, and those who just do not know better and do not recognize the fact they had spelled their search incorrectly. So what should be done about this?

Capitalize on the Phenomena

The market for those who are lazy, or lack certain knowledge of English or the web, is there, and should not be ignored. We are under experiments of both misspelled domains, and we are putting live today our experiment with misspelled content. We are going to take the extreme and create a page in which the Title and Description looks usual, however most of the content will be misspelled. The idea is to track those landing on the typo page, with which keywords. Then we will take the top most popularly mistyped keywords and within a few of our more popular articles, slip in the misspelling once or twice.

We do not want to be marked as a company and web knowledge base that cannot spell, however the option to gain more traffic and visitors outweighs the small stuff. We suggest even re-creating a landing page with half the keywords of the content be mistyped, or often times missing the last letter or two as many times we hit enter before the browser catches up with the other letters.

We will reply to this post with a link to the statistics we come up with.

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