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Camid Studios web site design and internet develop offers a multitude of services, information, tips and help. We believe greatly that web design and web development services are merely services for those who do not have the time to develop. We do not keep secrets or hide our techniques and code, we are more than willing to share with the open source community. If you would like any kind of web service, be it web design or internet applications we are here for you. Contact our Web Development Services for a free estimate.

Picture Editing - Basics

September 20th, 2008

We have constantly been asked many questions from those simply wanting to edit their photos or images for the sake of editing them. There are many questions to consider: What do you want to edit, why do you want to edit them, what will the final result be used for, do you have a lot of time or experience. We at Camid Studios Web Development believe firmly in using software that already exists before starting from scratch. So if you are new at photo editing and you merely want to start with touching up your photos: Use …Read the rest of Picture Editing - Basics…

Search Engine Optimization - Domain Name

September 18th, 2008

The Hype

We have read many articles on search engine optimization and a recent simple idea has opened quite the large door. There are tons of SEO opinions of how to rank high and fast on google, however most either don’t work, or work with time. This option may be one of the only options that inherently work, while supplies last.

We all know picking the domain name is crucial in both business representation and also in search engine optimization. From all the articles you read you want to find a common ground, maybe leaning toward SEO’s preference. This article and common sense says, jump ship to SEO land and work around for business perception.

Disregard your business Name

A domain name will give you free keywords …Read the rest of Search Engine Optimization - Domain Name…

Internet Explorer Hacks and Work Arounds

September 17th, 2008

Browsers will still see many web sites very differently. Now we have even more browsers to worry about with systems like the Play Station 3, iPhone, and now Google’s Chrome. However there is a workaround that internet explorer incorporated into their latest browser, Internet Explorer 7. Though we would all like a standard to be an actual standard as opposed to guidelines ( which DTD is being more referred as for html/xhtml ), it is nice and actually a shock to see Microsoft recognize the differences and give us a useful way of handling the problem.

Internet Explorer calls these hacks: Conditionals. These are more or less comments that IE will interpret and other browsers will see as comments (as they should).

The following is a short list of conditionals Internet Explorer has given to us: …Read the rest of Internet Explorer Hacks and Work Arounds…

Virtual Tours

September 17th, 2008

Virtual Tours, or Panoramic Tours, have become quite popular over the past 5 years. However with it still being fresh you are being charged the learning fee from many companies. This fee would include the time for them to experiment and hand stitch these photos together, let a lone adding these images to hopefully a flash front end to give you the tour feeling.
Virtual Tour of Nicholas Tuck
Nicholas Tuck, a creator and owner of Camid Studios, has some virtual tours on his own page. You can visit his Virtual Tours on his personal site.

We have taken the experience from Nick and created a systematic approach to virtual tours which does a couple of things for you. …Read the rest of Virtual Tours…

Advertisments Open!

September 16th, 2008

We have plenty of open advertisement spots currently with the launch of our re-designed site. We wanted to start fresh and we are starting completely fresh. We have listed our Advertisement Options on the advertisement links to the sides, and top.

Check them out and contact us, we are willing for almost any kind of affiliation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - for dummies

September 16th, 2008

Search Engine Optimization is a phrase web developers use to describe the process in which one tries to optimize a web page so that many search engines will index said page, and more importantly, will index them high on searches for certain keywords. This is not another overused top 10 SEO tips, this is simply search engine optimization for beginners.

Do note that we mention web ‘page’ as for many purposes SEO is optimizing what are called ‘landing pages.’ These pages are specifically designed content, keywords, and look to do a few things. Your landing pages need to have the key words your site is trying to target, so that search engines will see these words as relevant for those searches. You also need pertinent content on that page to those keywords so in reality it will be a useful page of content. However …Read the rest of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - for dummies…

New Design Launch

September 16th, 2008

Camid Studios is proud to show off our brand new creative design. We have tried some un-orthodox techniques and designs and we have tried some old-fashion professional tips. We are overall pleased with the design, and very pleased with it’s incorporation into the Content Management System of our choice: WordPress.

If this is the first time you have landed here Camid Studios welcomes you. You will find a ton of helpful information here ranging from purchasing web services, and what to look for, to actually design and development of web site systems. Camid Studios is both a business and an information stage. We thrive in this information age, and offer any and all information we have …Read the rest of New Design Launch…

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