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If you are looking to have a direct advertisement on this site utilizing our custom side bar menus you are at the right spot. billboard-to-advertise-web-development To get straight to the point you will have to contact us to discuss terms of the advertisement. These terms can range from strictly payment options or more happily link exchange. Depending on many variables including site topic, content, page rank etc. we are more than happy to add your site to our always viewed menu system.

Contact us via the Contact Camid Studios page, or give us a call.

Why Advertise with us

This is a great question. There are so many reasons to have advertisements on a web site. One reason would be to offer reliable services that maybe we do not offer currently. Many times sites will show their support of certain products by advertising those products. The ever growing popular reason to advertise is for money. Money is a necessity to most of our lives and it is hard to find someone deny enough money.

Most importantly for us however is advertiseing to help create a web of hyper links among sites. By reading some of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) news articles one will find getting links from a multitude of sites will help page rankings. More specifically, getting link backs from sites with a high page rank ( 5 and above ) will increase a site with lower page ranks. This is what we are most interested in currently, however if you have the money, we are more than happy to talk as well.

Where we will Advertise Here

There is almost no limit to where we are willing to advertise on our site. We are never going to fill the site with more advertisements then content, however if you want to be affiliated next to certain content we can do that. If you want the main advertising menus that you see scrolling to the left and right of the page, you can have that. We are open to discussing even the ‘home’ page, or more important our landing pages ( See SEO articles ).

If you have any other ideas feel free to contact us, we do very little to limit our options and opportunities.

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