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To Blog or To Forum?

October 2nd, 2008

First lets understand the differences. A forum, or discussion board, can be described as an application of user generated content. More generally a forum is usually used when a developer wants to create an environment for a specific target of people. This target could include those who enjoy certain games, those with similar backgrounds, hobbies, or simply those who want to discuss anything. Forums have been around longer and still make up the majority of user driven content sites, and this is because a users discussion has the opportunity to be as important as a moderator or admins comments.

A blog, or web log, is a more geared toward an individual. The operator’s commentary or descriptions of events is usually the main point of the site. A blog does have the option to leave comments, however those who leave comments are usually random people. There are no bonds usually between those commenting on the same blog, while in a forum, many registered users form strong bonds, good and bad.

Blog’s Gaining Popularity?

A blog would be a regular web site if there were no comments enabled …Read the rest of To Blog or To Forum?…

Photo Manipulation For Beginners - Joker PhotoManip

October 2nd, 2008

A common desire among those who ask, what can I do with Photoshop, is to develop skills to be great at photo manipulations. Usually a Photo Manipulation (Photo-Manip) is often categorized as taking an original photograph and removing a major part, and adding a custom element. This element often time is a different major part of another image, however it can simply be a render, or re-colorizing the focal change.

Hints for Beginners

Start by learning the power of the ‘Stamp Tool.’ This tool is simple, and extremely powerful. When you wonder how someone simply made a part of an image disappear however made the background continue in that empty space, chances are they used the Clone Stamp tool. Select the tool, now hold the ‘alt’ key and your cursor will change to a sight. Click on the exact part of the image you would like to copy from. Now let go of the ‘alt’ key. Now click and ‘clone’ a different part of the image, with the part of the image you sighted. It will merely copy that portion of the picture over. Simple!

The Trick

Now if you leave the sight in the same spot, it will be obvious you simply copied a part of the image. The trick is to constantly change the sight …Read the rest of Photo Manipulation For Beginners - Joker PhotoManip…

Make Money Online with Surveys…

September 29th, 2008

We have all seen these free surveys that you can make money with, however do they work? We say for the overall goal of both parties they work similarly.

Market Research

Market Research s the process of systematically gathering, recording and analyzing data and information about a multitude of subjects. These subjects range from customers, competitors, or the entire market in general. Every business does a certain degree of market research however the extent of that research is minor as a lot of work is required on both ends. However does market research with intensive work?

Our Speculation

We believe the research found is usable in that the speed they receive their information is timely. Market research had classically been long, expensive processes of sociology to study human behaviors for that market. This new way saves a ton of money as the surveys don’t have to be manned all day, the systems run on their own and the statistics can be calculated real time. However how accurate is that data?

The data is incentive based with “Money for filling out our Free Survey.” So people are going to rush through the surveys to get free money, …Read the rest of Make Money Online with Surveys……

Mispelled Content Drives Traffic

September 27th, 2008

We are sure everyone at one time has misspelled, or mistyped if you prefer, while searching for a product or information. Those who are use to searching the web knows many top hitters like Google and yahoo will have a spell check and correction suggestion on unrecognized words. However we still find the top four or five sites still very useful and pertinent. The interesting fact to note is often times, these sites that rank 1-4 for misspelled keywords are not in the top 5 of the keywords spelled correctly, some not even on the first two pages.

We have set up experiments to see how much traffic a misspelled domain could get, and you will be surprised at the frequency of landing pages being from misspelled keywords. This phenomena is a mixture between …Read the rest of Mispelled Content Drives Traffic…

Pawnee State Park- Nebraska near Lincoln - Virtual Tour

September 23rd, 2008

During a trip out to Pawnee State Recreation Park near Lincoln Nebraska, we decided to take some panoramic photos of the lake, and hey why not make it a Virtual Tour. Here is one of our newer virtual tours, designed to match our new Camid Studios web design.

This is just a small virtual tour, and we can make these as complex as going from room to room with clicks of a button and having an entire menu system. We however like to keep things simple, so you can endure without being over whelmed.

…Read the rest of Pawnee State Park- Nebraska near Lincoln - Virtual Tour…

SEO Bookmarklets

September 22nd, 2008

Search Engine Marketing is a huge aspect of web development. Some can argue that it is the most important part of web development when it comes to business sites. This argument is valid off the idea that if people can not find your site, what is the point of having a site at all? Search Engine Marketing however is not something external to your website. This is not a bag of tricks that certain web masters contain, it is experience and efficiency at its finest. Experience will usually lead to efficiency, however seo bookmarklets will help you become efficient when researching SEM for your own site.

What are SEO Bookmarklets

SEO Bookmarklets are bookmarks used to quickly query the current site you are viewing among popular tools to learn as much as you can about that current site. For example …Read the rest of SEO Bookmarklets…

Stumble Upon - Downfall due to SEO Antics?

September 21st, 2008

Stumble Upon is a well known web service and content discovery service used most commonly via a toolbar installed in your web browser. Users give sites positive or negative ratings to form collaborative opinions on pages including tagging information. Stumble Upon was very popular to pass the time, we have found ourselves stumbling for hours before without even realizing the time going by.

Stumble Upon got so big that eBay purchased the project for $75 million in May of 2007. However are quick SEO options killing practical enjoyable services like Stumble Upon. A popular SEO action is to make a web of links from social bookmarking sites. These sites are made for people to find useful content, and tag that content accordingly for easy search indexing. However these sites are being Stumble-Upon-Web-Development-logospammed day in and day out with a ton of useless sites that are merely trying to get higher on search engine rankings.

The Stats

Now it is rumored eBay is trying to sell Stumble Upon. Recent stats show a drop …Read the rest of Stumble Upon - Downfall due to SEO Antics?…

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